Establishing A Baseline

Nutrition Tips
A fundamental piece of the puzzle.
Nutrition can look different for different individuals. Your nutrition, training, and recovery can go hand in hand. 
Whether you’re training for aesthetic purposes, performance purposes, or even health purposes, each individual might have a different idea of what their daily diet should look like.
For example, someone with a weight loss goal, may have a diet that looks different than that of a professional bodybuilder. 
Certain foods may trigger different responses in different individuals.
There are an array of factors when assessing your diet.
Some of these can be your resting metabolic rate, hormone profile, and even your genes!
Some individuals may use carbs as their default energy source, and some individuals may use fat as their default energy source.
Sleep, Stress, and even your day to day lifestyle can play a role in terms of your dietary choices.
Assessing and understanding where you’re at can be the first step. 
Developing a plan and attending to new habits along the way can be something to think about.
Establishing a system for yourself that focuses on enhancing your behaviors, as well as throughout all aspects of your life, whether Nutrition, Performance, or Recovery, to maximize your potential and live a healthier lifestyle.
This is high-performance.  

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